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  • Sautéed white shrimp glazed with a flavorful Asian black pepper sauce.

  • Fresh diced tomatoes marinated in extra virgin olive oil, lemon and pesto, topped on toasted point sliced bread then minute baked with cheese.

  • Chocolate Chips, Creamy Chocolate Mousse, Chocolate Frosting

  • Strawberry Sauce, Fresh Strawberry, Fresh Mint

  • Shredded Carrots/Cream Cheese Frosting, Pineapple, Walnuts

  • House Spring Mix Salad with White Balsamic Basil Vinaigrette

  • Classic Caesar salad tossed with our creamy Caesar dressing and housemade croutons.

  • Butcher’s reserve Beef Brisket marinated in Burgundy wine, pan seared and slowly braised until tender and finished with a raisin demiglaze. Topped with sauerbraten caramelized apple and onion. Served with housemade buttery mashed potatoes and fresh seasonal vegetables.

  • White roughy filet sautéed in olive oil, roasted and blackened with a lemon butter sweet chili glaze and an authentic rice pilaf. Served with fresh seasonal vegetables.

  • Moist, oven-roasted half chicken, seasoned with Chef’s special herb blend and lemon zest. Roasted to perfection and ladled with our signature golden mushroom sauce. Served with buttery mashed potatoes and fresh seasonal vegetables.

  • Sautéed provencale shrimp and free-range chicken tossed in a creamy Chardonnay sauce, enhanced with wild forest mushrooms and broccolis. Topped with shaved parmesan cheese.

  • A 6 oz. U.S.D.A. Choice filet pan seared then finished in oven, topped with roasted garlic, tomato Gorgonzola crust, with a Portobello mushroom sauce. Served with pommes pont neuf confits (large cut potatoes) with seasonal fresh vegetables.

  • A combination of gourmet raviolis stuffed with two different fillings. One with a flavorful wild mushrooms and shallots blend, and the other with ricotta, parmesan, cheddar cheese and basil. Served with a creamy aurora sauce and fresh seasonal vegetables.

  • A giant portobello mushrooms stuffed with Gorgonzola cheese,bacon bits, sundried tomatoes and herbs,topped with a parmesan crust then baked until golden, served with a tangy marinara sauce.

  • With crème fraiche & sherry wine. Served with a warm French baguette with our signature butter.